The Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (CEPPA) promotes exploration into important ethical issues arising in public life. Its field of interest comprises ethics, social and political philosophy, and the philosophical dimensions of public affairs. The Centre houses research projects, outreach projects, seminars, conferences, academic visits, fellowships, publishing, and public discussion on topics within its field of interest.


Public Distrust and COVID-19 Vaccines: Conspiracy Thinking or Reasonable Doubt?

Katherine Hawley's recent post at The Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace blog.

Ben Sachs's book in paperback

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Cover to Cover Reading Group

In autumn 2020, we're reading Kamm’s new book *Almost Over*, and in spring 2021 (April-June only), we’ll be reading Kagan’s new book *How to Count Animals*.

Below you will find details of seven projects that members of CEPPA are currently tackling. Prospective visitors, speakers, or other affiliates of CEPPA should note, however, that the Centre has a very broad scope; any topic in ethics (applied ethics, normative ethics, or metaethics), social, political, legal, or public philosophy, would fall within the Centre’s remit regardless of any connection or lack thereof to these seven highlighted projects.

We are currently seeking funding to help enhance the scope of our work